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”[A]rts and art therapies were invariably found to be associated with improvements in arousal levels, emotional literacy, and quality of life.”


Arts with Offenders: A Literature Synthesis B.
Meekums, J. Daniel / The Arts in Psychotherapy 38 (2011) 229-238

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Learning the act of making music together with others and collaborating to create original songs gives participants a proven means of non-confrontational, non-violent expression and self-esteem building.

This process also helps to reduce institutional tensions by giving the participants agency, time, and space for creativity. Skills learned are:

-how to focus on a task.

-how to start and complete a project.

-how to process challenging emotions creatively.

-how to work with others collaboratively.

All are required skills that will benefit the participants upon release as they re-enter school and/or the workforce. Workshops culminate in ceremonies where participants are awarded certificates of completion, accompanied by participant performances of original songs created during workshops. 

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